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15 Minute Prenatal & Postnatal Friendly Workout. Scroll down to get the exercise directions. Couples that workout together foster healthy relationships with fitness and food for children. Let's go!



15 Minute Total Body Cardio Workout.

I talked my handsome husband into being my fitness model for this at-home workout! Ha! 

5 Exercises - High & Low Impact Options:

1. Squat Jumps (Squat to Toes)

2. Runner's Lunge Jumps (Knee Drive)

3. Jumping High Knees (Marching)

4. Drop Squat Jumps (Squat Step Outs)

5. Alternating Jumping Floor Taps (Stepping)

Tim and I demonstrate how to do them in both high impact and low impact in the video above... So choose which versions suit your needs! Prenatal and postnatal women should follow me!

  • Try each exercise for about a minute before moving onto the next exercise.
  • Grab a sip of water after you've done each exercise.... and go again!
  • Complete this circuit three times for a total body cardio workout that lasts 15 minutes! Be sure to go at your own pace and don't forget to warm-up and cool down. 
  • Take a sweaty selfie and tag @strongsexymammas on your Instagram stories!


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Thanks for Working Out with Us!

Check out the video to see more.


By engaging with Strong Sexy Mammas and Anna Kooiman, you agree that you understand there are risks of harm associated with this and all exercise programs, vow you have doctor clearance for your level of participation, promise to never put yourself or children in a compromising position, and release Anna Kooiman Stuckey and Strong Sexy Mammas from any and ALL liability. 


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