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 Must pledge that you have medical clearance for your specific level of participation, stop if ever in pain or concerned, keep kids out of the way, store equipment in a safe place, release Anna Kooiman Stuckey, Strong Sexy Mammas and al parties involved from liability and understand there are risks of harm associated with this program and others like it. We do not offer refunds for any reason. Your card will be charged monthly until you cancel.


Ultimate Monthly Membership

  • Premium fitness by celebrity trainer and TV host, Anna Kooiman.

Drift Video: Home Fitness for Busy Mothers
  • Try Our Video-on-Demand Library or 6 Week Coached Programs 

  • 150+ workouts designed specifically for a mother’s body.
  • Quick classes. 4 to 30 minutes.
  • Strength. Cardio. Flexibility.
  • Abs, butt, pelvic floor.
  • All you need is a set of dumbbells.
  • Perfect for all mom-fitness levels.
  • Beginner, intermediate, advanced, pregnancy, postpartum, women trying to conceive, and older moms.
  • Includes our premium programs -- Mamma Fit School, Mamma Strong School, Mamma Fierce School, Pregnancy Fit School, and Abs After Baby

  • 🍑 Mamma Core Method is woven throughout all workouts. It can reduce back pain, poor posture, peeing your pants in jumping jacks or sneezes, inability to orgasm during sex, low energy & low mood.

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👯‍♀️ Virtual Mom Community.

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💫 Mamma Fitness Guide: Starter Kits for Core After Kids, Pelvic Floor, Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness, and doctor interviews.

💫 Virtual Mom Community: Your name will be added to our roster to chat with other moms into fitness.

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What Members Are Saying:

I am STRONGER now than BEFORE kids. I didn't know that was possible. Thank you! Plus, I don't pee when I sneeze or do jumping jacks anymore.

Elizabeth (Mom of Two Kids Under Two)

My pelvic floor was SO weak, but now I feel great... Anna helped me get back to running and lifting weights without bladder leakage after baby #1. I'm still fit during a second pregnancy. You gotta try this!

Joy (Pregnant with Baby #2)