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Pregnancy Fit School 

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6 Week Home Fitness & Nutrition

HURRY! We Start May 3rd!

I Want This!

Our CORE RESTORATION METHOD is different from what you'll get anywhere else.


I'm Preggo! PRESERVE My Core.
I'm a Mamma. RESTORE My Core.



Transform Your Core.

Get Toned and Energized At Home!

In 6 Weeks.

🏝 No longgg exercise classes.

🏝  No strict eating plans.

🏝 No expensive personal trainers.

🏝  No wasting hours on Google and YouTube trying to figure out what exercises work for pregnancy and mamma fitness.

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Gimme That!


"I have two kids under two. I feel less anxious. I feel strong and confident."



Josie, Mother of 2

Transform My Core & Pelvic Floor


Anna is perfect to guide you through through this home fitness journey..."



"I love Anna's digital classes. 

I have a bad back and take her low impact options, but I don't feel like I'm getting off easy!"


I've Gotta Have This!

 This premium 6 week program is for you if you're a...


 new mother,




or your kids are




but you haven't had time to properly


rebuild your stretched tummy muscles... 

If one of these sounds like you...

You know what to do!


🤱 New Mamma 

  • You want to get fit and strong despite being sleep deprived, time poor, and wild hormones.
  • You want pelvic floor friendly exercises that help you get back to running and jumping safely.
  • You want to feel like yourself again during the motherhood identity shift.
  • You want to boost your mood, tone up, flatten tummy, reduce back pain, not worry about peeing / leaking when you exercise. 
  • Three tracks: Early Postnatal, Progressive, and Strong.
  • Perfect for c-section and vaginal deliveries with doctor clearance.


🤰 Pregnant Mamma 


  • You want safe and effective workouts from a certified Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Diastasis and Core Consultant. 
  • You want to be educated about how your body is changing and prepare it for birth and the physical demands of motherhood.
  • Perfect for all trimesters with doctor clearance.


🙋‍♀️ Busy Mamma 


  • Your kids may be older but you've been looking after little ones and haven't had time for yourself.
  • You want to restore your core and get into a good mindset about a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
  • Perfect for moms of all ages with doctor clearance.


Who is This NOT For?

  • We take a balanced approach for lasting results. This is not for women looking for a crash diet or crash exercise program. They don't work long term!
  • This is also not for women expecting to join a program - but not put in the work - yet think they will still results. If you do the program - it will work. If you don't - it won't. LOL We are looking for committed women to help our whole group of moms 'level up' their fitness game. Our community helps you stay committed.
I Want This. I'm Ready!


👋 I'm Anna Kooiman, your expert trainer, TV host, and mom of two little ones.

Coach Me, Anna!

When you enroll for Mamma Fit School,

you’ll learn: 


  • Anna's top strategies to flatten the tummy without doing a million sit-ups. 

    Many common abs exercises can actually cause the belly to bulge MORE.  

  • How to Reduce Risks of Bladder Leakage, Back Pain, and Bulging Belly.

    Many people don't realize the pelvic floor is part of our core. Most fitness trainers neglect this - but shouldn't!! Also, most women are forgetting, skipping, or doing their pelvic floor exercises wrong! 

  • How to Train Smarter. Moms Don't Have a Lot of TIME.

    We have bonus fat burning classes: 4 Minutes of Fire and 10 Minute Quickies for multiple ability levels!

  • How to Return to Running and Jumping Safely So You Don't Damage Yourself.

    Learn the signs to look out for so you don't injure your pelvic floor, tummy muscles, hips, knees, etc. Pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones leave new moms more prone to injury. We ease you in so you can get back to activities you love.
Join 6 Week Program

When you enroll for Pregnancy Fit School,

you’ll learn:


  • How to stay fit and not worry about gaining too much weight. 

    This is a sensitive time. Be good to yourself. We teach you how to listen to your body and take a balanced approach. 

  • How to specifically prepare your body for birth and postpartum. 

    Research shows fit women have easier deliveries and faster recoveries. Learn how to activate your pelvic floor for support and how to relax and let go to prepare for birth.
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy Fitness.

    Keep you and baby safe. Ease minor aches and pains with gentle movements and lift your mood with our short cardio sculpt classes.
  • Tips for Each Trimester of Pregnancy 

    We don't put you into a box based on trimester like some programs. Instead we teach you to listen to your body to keep moving as 'normal' as possible to help prepare for postpartum recovery. Yay! You're gonna meet that baby soon! 
Join 6 Week Program

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What Do I Get?

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6 Weeks of Scheduled Home Workouts:
  • Video-on Demand classes to do in your own time.
  •  🏝 Transform Your Living Room into Paradise.
  • 🏖 We film at the beach to boost your mood!
  • Core and Pelvic Floor
  • Full Body
  • Cardio
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Posture
  • Fat Burning HIIT (4 minutes & 10 minutes)
  • Stretch & Mobility
  • Fitness Tracker for Accountability.
  • MEGA BONUS: 6 LIVE 30 Minute Classes with Anna via Zoom (replays available)
6 Weeks of Mini Challenges:
  • This is not a diet.
  • We help you attain a balanced, healthy approach to food. Master this and you'll never have to go on a diet again.
  • Learn easy ways to edge out processed and sugary foods by drinking more water, eating more vegetables and lean protein.
  • Nutrition Tracker for Accountability. Program approved by accredited nutritionist. 

Get to know other pre/postnatal women going through the same things as you.

  • Virtual Community of Likeminded Mammas for Support
  • Anna will do a Q and A each week of Fit School LIVE. 
  • Free Mamma Fitness Guide: Watch doctors, pelvic health physical therapists, doulas, nutritionists, etc share their expertise as Anna uses her TV background to do interviews.

"As a new mother and nutritionist, I love working out with Anna and the Strong Sexy Mammas."


"It is such a fun and energizing program that helps me both mentally and physically."

Christiana Velis,

Nutritionist & Strong Sexy Mammas Participant

"My CORE is better. My GLUTES are better!

Gain energy for the second baby.



"It's about confidence. Having a baby really takes it's toll on you mentally, socially, physically. Having a group of likeminded moms helps rebuild all of that."

Phoebe, Model, Mother of 2, and Strong Sexy Mammas Participant

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Program: May 3rd - June 12th.

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Fit School LIVE 6 Week Program 

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 Full Year Gold Member Access

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In addition to this premium version of Fit School -

You'll Get:

100+ Video-On-Demand Library 

You'll also get a full year of access to these programs:

6 Weeks:

Mamma Fit School

Pregnancy Fit School

10 Days:

Abs After Baby - Postnatal

Move Your Bump - Pregnancy

Includes Any Future Updates to Programs Above.

⭐️ BONUSES ⭐️ 

💫 Mamma Coaching Tips Vault

💫 Abs Separation Guide

💫 4th Trimester Tips Vault

💫 Private Community (FB Group)

💫 FREE Mamma Fitness Guide where I interview doctors, doulas, nutritionists, etc.



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Fit School LIVE

$297 $397

May 3rd - June 12th.

Includes Premium Programs Pregnancy & Mamma Fit School & Bonus LIVE Coaching and Community.


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$497 $1068

Fit School LIVE & Full Year Gold Membership Access.

Questions our top students asked before enrolling in Strong Sexy Mammas.

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