We want to help you have an active pregnancy and speedier post-baby recovery.

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⏰ No Time? 🤔 Not Sure What's Safe?

Let me help! 👋 I'm Anna Kooiman.

There is so much BAD fitness information for pregnant & postnatal women on social media. I carefully select 'mamma-specific' exercises and educate while coaching. Let me take the stress & intimidation out of fitness... So you can focus on what's most precious in life, your kids. 

We are different.


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I have loads of women's fitness certifications.

Most other trainers don't bother spending the extra time or money... Just ask em' - see what they say!


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My method helps REBUILD YOUR BODY... BRICK BY BRICK to help you get back to running and jumping. 

Special attention is paid to deep core, pelvic floor, glutes, diaphragmatic breathing, and posture. This is the foundation and often gets ignored by other trainers. Improper exercises can make your belly bulge more (instead of less) and increase risks associated with bladder leakage, prolapse, or other injury. 

⏰ I help mammas like you find the TIME for fitness so you can flatten tummy, slim down, tone up, reduce back pain, gain energy, & feel more confident. 

Don't feel pressure to bounce back. Spring forward instead! 

This program is perfect for mammas with kids of all ages!

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🤰 Congrats, Mamma! I am here to help you have an active pregnancy, get prepared for labor, and have a speedier postpartum recovery. 

This is not just your average fitness program, this is Mamma Performance Training!

🙌 Feel empowered with my medical interviews. My method helps you tone up, reduce risks of abs separation (diastasis recti), improve your pelvic floor, diaphragm, and TVA.

😊 Get inspired with our energetic classes and ease aches and pains with gentle stretches. 

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10 Core Restoration Exercises + AB REHAB Doctor Interview + More!