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This program is for healthy women with no contraindications for exercise. In order to purchase you must click the box above saying you have medical clearance for your specific level of participation, acknowledge there are risks of harm associated with this program, stop if in pain, dizzy, light headed, or concerned, never put yourself or kids in a compromising position, release Anna Kooiman Stuckey and Strong Sexy Mammas from all liability & Agree to Terms & Conditions to Purchase. No guarantees are made about changes in bodily function or performance, weight loss, change in body shape, mood, etc. We have a strict no refunds policy because some of the content can be downloaded. This program is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. 

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STRONG SEXY MAMMAS is specialized training for...

-new moms

-pregnant moms

-and moms with older kids who haven't had time to heal their core and get fit and strong.

🤱 Perfect for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries. This is also the program for you if you're a mom who hasn't mindfully restored your stretched out tummy muscles -- even if your kids are older.

🤰 Perfect for all three trimesters of pregnancy


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STRONG SEXY MAMMAS is for you if you're...

☑️ Tired and busy but want to get energized.

☑️ Don't have time for long workouts but want to feel fit and strong.

☑️ Have been wasting time on Google, Youtube, and Pinterest trying to figure out what will work... and realize you need an expert training program.

☑️ Want to have a tighter tummy and butt post-baby.

☑️ Want to prepare for birth and learn pelvic floor and abs separation basics to reduce risks of:

bladder leakage

back pain

poor posture

bulging belly

intimacy struggles due to vaginal pain post-baby

PS - The fitness industry neglects pelvic floor -- but we shouldn't!


✅ This is not just an exercise program.

Motherhood is a unique time in your life that requires specific exercises in a specific order.

This is 'performance training' for labor, the fourth trimester, and of course the tasks of motherhood - lifting, squatting, lunging, carrying.

Our signature '4 Minutes of Fire' classes can be thought of as labor training and toddler tantrum training! 

We pay special attention to our unique, mamma problem areas...

Squishy Tummy

Weak Pelvic Floor

Sore Back

Tight Hips

Slouching Posture

Flat Butt

Low or Anxious Energy

You won't feel intimidated in these classes.

I hear you... Fitness can be hard to navigate when we are feeling uncomfortable in our changing mamma body.

You will see my body change right alongside you.

These are the EXACT workouts I used!

I go through all the changes with you, class by class throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey.

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Our Gold Membership is all our best material:

☀️ 100+ Video-On-Demand Library

Total Body Workouts, Core, Pelvic Floor, Total Body Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Stretch, plus Fat Burning short classes.

- Quick & effective workouts that help boost your mood.

- You will also get our signature 10 Day and 6 Week Programs that get RESULTS:

☀️ 6 Week Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Programs: 

-Pregnancy Fit School - perfect for all trimesters (these are my personal pregnancy workouts with baby number two)

-Mamma Fit School - 3 tracks - Early Postnatal, Progressive, & Strong

Many classes are the exact workouts to get a flat tummy and toned body in real time.

Fit School includes nutrition challenges and recipes that build lasting change. This is not a diet. Diets do not work long term!

☀️ 10 Day Fitness & Education Starter Courses: 

-Abs After Baby - 3 tracks - early postnatal, progressive, & strong

-Move Your Bump - perfect for all trimesters

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Minimal to no equipment required.

✅ Easy as 1, 2, 3! Train at your own convenience.

1. Roll out of bed.

2. Select a workout.

3. GO!

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✅ This will help you return to running, jumping, and heavier lifting safely.

✅ Need Accountability? We have a private virtual club for community and offer frequent giveaways!

✅ No Time? Classes are short, safe, and effective.


☀️  AB REHAB education video

☀️  Doctor Interview for Pregnancy Safe Workouts

☀️  Doctor Interview for Post-Pregnancy Healing

☀️  Core Restoration Guide 

☀️  Women's Health & Fitness Guide with interviews from pelvic and women's health physical therapists, doctors, doula/birthing coach, accredited nutritionist, family fitness, and more.

☀️ Coaching Tips Vault

☀️ Diastasis Recti Guide

👋 I'm your expert coach and international TV Host, Anna Kooiman. I am a certified Women's Fitness Specialist, Pre/Post-Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Diastasis & Core Consultant. I'm an American living is Sydney with my Australian husband. We have a toddler and baby. 

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