Cardio Sculpting Circuit Workout


Toned in 25 is an incredibly time efficient cardio sculpting class. Prenatal/postnatal modifications offered. As for equipment, using bodyweight is okay, however the following is suggested: yoga mat, light dumbbells, resistance band, & bench (step or sturdy piece of furniture can be used instead and soup cans can be used instead of weights).


Total work time is less than 30 minutes. DIY versions are available as well. Anna demonstrates each exercise in a 10 second video and you set your own timer using our Toned in 25 rundown.

TONED IN 25 is a 'go-at-your-own-pace' workout that requires little thought (hello mom brain!) or coordination. We include only 6 major exercises (plus pelvic floor lifts, diaphragmatic breathing, & TVA activations). Harder and easier versions of the exercises are offered. There is no one size fits all. Start slow. Progress as you get stronger. 

Add on a warm-up and cold down. Be sure to include diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic floor lifts in your pre and post workout routine. 

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