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Both pricing options include FREEBIES:  AB REHAB education video, 10 Core Restoration/Preservation Exercises, 5 Day Flat Tummy Mini Course, & Women's Health & Fitness Guide (free downloads and links to interviews with women's health professionals (doctors, physical therapists, doulas, etc.)

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One-on-one behavior change and fitness coaching from Anna Kooiman.  We will schedule a phone call if it's a good fit. Anna is only taking highly motivated women ready to get big results. Click HERE to apply.



ALL CLASSES are pre/postnatal friendly unless otherwise stated.

20+ Real Time Circuit Workouts with Anna Kooiman

3 - Core Foundations

5 - Core Early Postnatal

5 - Core Progressive

2 - Posture Perfecting

2 - Upper Body Foundations

2 - Lower  Body Foundations 

3 - Toned in 25

2 - Kooiman Kardio

3- Stroller-Fit

2 - Baby Involved

1 - Baby Carrier

1- Postnatal Specific

10 - 4 Minutes of Fire

4 - Prenatal Specific

3 - Prenatal Core

5 - Warm-Up / Dynamic Stretch

5 - Cool Down / Static Stretch

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