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We are on a mission to help women feel fit, fabulous, and fearless during our childbearing years. As a mamma, you spend every waking hour taking care of everyone else in the family. Who has the time and energy to worry about fitness?


Let Strong Sexy Mammas Take Care of You!


Strong Sexy Mammas workouts are fierce and effective. 30 minutes or less.


Strong Sexy Mammas is all about exercise options. We meet you where you are on your fitness journey during your childbearing years. 


Start Slow. Progress as You Get Stronger.


We offer workouts designed with women's unique needs in mind. Don't want to jump or lift heavy weights? No problem. We offer progressions and regressions of exercises - empowering you to pick what suits your needs. We offer prenatal/postnatal modifications and recommend all women see a women's health physical therapist to understand individual fitness limitations. 


Who Wants to Bounce Back? When We Can Spring Forward!


It is critical that we have a 'glass half-full' mentality. Only positive vibes here! No negative self talk. Our bodies are growing humans for crying out loud. Give yourself permission to take it easy when you need to, and really turn up the dial when you're ready. We need to build a steady foundation so we don't take steps backward. 


We are Meant to MOVE!

Gone are the days when doctors told women to sit on the couch during pregnancy and the postpartum period.


In fact!  ACOG (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) recommends 150 minutes of exercise each week. Prenatal and postnatal women included. The benefits are endless!


Stronger Pelvic Floor. Flatter Tummy. Improved Posture.


Our workouts are designed to help you stand taller and feel lighter and brighter. Along with the typical squats and biceps curls you might get from other fitness classes - we help you get the core functioning properly first using deep breathing, pelvic floor lifts, transverse abdominis activations, and posture perfecting exercises. Bonus? These workouts may help ease your back pain too.


What Are Women Saying About Strong Sexy Mammas?

WATCH a few of our TESTIMONIALS to hear how women like you are getting results from Strong Sexy Mammas!


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