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This program is for healthy women who do not have contraindications for exercise. Must have medical clearance for your specific level of participation, understand there are risks of harm, stop if in pain, dizzy, faint, or concerned, never put yourself or your children in a compromising position, make sure your little ones are safe, release us from all liability, and agree to our terms. We have a strict no refund policy as some of the content can be downloaded. This is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Sharing passwords or copying material is theft and will be prosecuted.

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Mamma Fit School. Plus Bonuses!

Transform your fitness, nutrition, and mindset with our signature, three phase program, Mamma Fit School!

Tone your entire body while you improve tummy, butt, and pelvic floor.


1. Brand new moms wondering where to start after childbirth.

2. Busy moms with older kids who need help getting out of a fitness rut.

Our three core tracks include:

🍑 Core Early Postnatal

🍑 Core Progressive

🍑 Core Strong.

This is part of Anna's Mamma Core Method.

👶 Perfect for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries. This is also good for anyone who hasn't mindfully healed their core -- even if your kids are older


Want to feel fit and confident?

THIS video-on-demand program will help YOU get your groove back.

Imagine sticking to a program, that you actually ENJOY, and transforming your tummy, butt, and pelvic floor.

🍓 Imagine never having to go on a fad diet again, because you learn our nutrition strategies that keep you fit forever!

🙋‍♀️ Mamma Fit School is for any woman looking for mom-bod specific exercises in a simple to use, stress free program that tells you exactly what exercises to do on what day.

📲 This is for YOU if you're a new mom wondering where to start after giving birth or a busy mom who hasn't had time for yourself - even if your kids are older.

🍑 This program tones your entire body while restoring stretched tummy muscles, and pelvic floor.

⏰ Quick workouts that get RESULTS using a strategy called Progressive Overload.



☑️ Tired and busy.

☑️ Don't have time for long workouts.

☑️ Have been wasting time on Google, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest trying to figure out what will work... and realize you need an expert training program.

☑️ Dreading sex due to an inability to climax from weak pelvic floor.


☑️ You JUST had a baby and want to rebuild your body safely.

☑️ Perhaps you're new-ish to fitness and feel overwhelmed or have failed with other diet/exercise programs.

☑️ Or maybe you're a former athlete. You were super fit before kids... but you're stuck in a fitness rut due to lack of time and energy. 

☑️ Or maybe you've tried other home fitness programs and found them BORING. 



📲 APP ACCESS to 100+ videos.... Mamma Fit School and Bonuses!

🌟 Mamma Fit School is a scheduled program that takes most moms 6, 12, or 18+ weeks to complete. This will depend on ability level where you begin and how much you stick to the schedule outlined for you.

💫  Quick Workouts.

All Mamma Fit School classes are between 4 and 30 minutes. They include:

Total Body, Core, Pelvic Floor, Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Stretch, Toned in 25, Kooiman Kardio, Stroller, Baby Carrier, 4 Minutes of Fire HIIT, & 10 Minute Quickies.

💫 EQUIPMENT: All you need is a set of dumbbells to get started.

💫 NUTRITION: Each week of Mamma Fit School you will unlock a new nutrition challenge. Anna developed the nutrition program based on what has worked for her clients. The nutrition component was approved by an accredited nutritionist who is interviewed inside Fit School. You will discover proven strategies that help you stay fit forever and stop YO YO dieting. 

🎁 Black Friday FREE GIFT. 111 Macro Count Healthy Family Recipes with carbohydrates, calories, fat, and protein counts.

🌟 BONUS #1: Abs After Baby. This is a 10 day kickstarter program some moms prefer to begin with rather than tackling a full 6 week program. The class types and results formula is the same as Mamma Fit School, only condensed.

🌟  BONUS #2: Video-on-demand library. Abs After Baby also offers a bonus pick-and-choose library so you can go back to your favorite class types.

🌟 BONUS #3: Core Confidence. This mini-course will teach you all about the types of core dysfunction moms often undergo from pregnancy and childbirth.

Anna is a certified Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Diastasis and Core Consultant.

You will learn how to heal abdominal separation with Anna's Mamma Core Method and improve pelvic floor function. 

Core Confidence includes Anna's 4th Trimester Tips Vault - including the first three exercises you should do after birth. We talk how to heal your core, belly bands, delivery, c-section, how to pick up your baby/toddlers, etc.

NOTE: This is holistic fitness, not a substitute for medical attention.

💫 BONUS #4 Virtual Community/Private Facebook Group!

⭐️ BONUS #5 - Free Mamma Fitness Guide where I use my journalism background to serve you better than any other trainer. Period!

I interview doctors, women's health & pelvic health physical therapists, birthing coach, doula, etc. I use frequently asked questions by our members.


People wanting to crash diet or crash exercise.

We are all about balance.


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👋  I'm Anna Kooiman - Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Diastasis and Core Consultant, & International TV Host. I am an American living with my Australian husband and babies in Sydney.

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