WATCH: Doctor Postnatal Fitness Tips

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Unless otherwise stated, all Strong Sexy Mammas workouts are prenatal and postnatal friendly - meaning we help you make modifications. Watch this doctor interview below and consult with your own doctor and women's health physiotherapist (physical therapist) to understand your fitness limitations.  

Kooiman Kardio and Toned in 25 workouts are pregnancy safe as long as you choose the low impact versions and postnatal modifications.

Watch Doctor Jill Gamberg's interview with Anna for postnatal fitness and wellness tips. Anna has been getting expert advice from Dr. Gamberg while building the Strong Sexy Mammas program.

Dr. Gamberg is a mother of two herself and recommends Anna's classes. She practices lifestyle medicine as a GP in Sydney, Australia.


Check out Dr. Gamberg on instagram and her personal website.


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