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TONED IN 25 is an incredibly time efficient, total body, cardio sculpting, circuit workout. Anna leads the group through functional movements and high intensity interval training. Try this workout if you want to get RESULTS! These workouts are good for all levels and don't require as much coordination as Kooiman Kardio. Anna offers exercise progressions and regressions allowing you to go at your own pace. Anna offers lots of prenatal and postnatal modifications, but there is no one size fits all. Be sure to check with your medical carer to understand your personal fitness abilities. Toned in 25 classes last you guessed it, 25 minutes! Add on a warm-up and cold downSIGN-UP or LOGIN to access the workouts!


Minute by Minute... Toned in 25 is Broken Down as Follows:


1 - Exercise #1

2 - Exercise #1

3 - Exercise #2

4 - Exercise #2

5 - Exercise #3

6 - Exercise #3

7- Exercise #4

8 - Exercise #4

9 - Exercise #5

10 - Exercise #5

11 - Four Minutes of Fire

12 - Four Minutes of Fire

13 - Four Minutes of Fire

14 - Four Minutes of Fire

15 - Diaphragmatic Breathing, Pelvic Floor Lifts, Deep Core TVA Re-Activations

16 - Exercise #1

17 - Exercise #1

18 - Exercise #2

19 - Exercise #2

20 - Exercise #3

21 - Exercise #3

22 - Exercise #4

23 - Exercise #4

24 - Exercise #5

25 - Exercise #5

TONED IN 25 BREAKDOWN EXPLAINED: This workout is broken down minute by minute. The first circuit consists of 5 exercises each done for two rounds before moving on to the next exercise. Each round consists of 45 seconds of work + 15 seconds of rest (twice). This totals 10 minutes for the first circuit. The next section is 4 Minutes of Fire. This consists of high intensity exercises being done all out for 20 seconds + 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds (totalling 4 minutes). This can be modified to moderate intensity by slowing down the speed of the repetitions, using only body weight, and/or taking more breaks. The next section is one minute of diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor lifts, and TVA deep core re-activations. The final section is a repeat of the circuit which consisted of 5 exercises. SIGN-UP or LOGIN to access the workouts!


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