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Bond with Baby or Workout on Your Own.

What is Strong Sexy Mammas?

Strong Sexy Mammas is an online fitness membership and information resource created by American TV host and fitness instructor, Anna Kooiman. Strong Sexy Mammas is full of motivating, women’s only workouts. The $19/month membership is all about using group exercise to help moms like you get your groove back, both physically and emotionally. Participants can pick and choose from a range workout formats and lengths. Sessions last as little as 4 minutes and as long as 30 minutes. It's a one stop shop for fitness, covering strength, cardio, and stretching. An emphasis is also placed on pelvic floor exercises. A few online classes include the baby, but most do not. Anna uses her TV journalism background to also deliver bonus video content. This includes interviews with medical professionals like doctors, doulas, and women’s physiotherapists from

Where can I do the workouts?

You can do these workouts at home or on the go. Stream them anytime. Anywhere. (Smart phone, computer, or smart TV).


How can I view the videos?

Stream the workouts and bonus video content on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV. You can view these videos anytime. Anywhere.


What is the cost?

Strong Sexy Mammas is currently offering a $19/month membership no obligations subscription. This is done through PayPal. You should get a confirmation email once you have made the purchase. Cancel by using that account at anytime (without penalty).

What results can I expect?

These workouts can help you tone up, slim down, flatten your tummy, gain pelvic floor strength (which can lead to more satisfying sex), boost your mood, gain confidence, and get better sleep.  Anna is an amazing motivator and will help you reach your fitness goals. You get what you give. So work hard if you want to get results!

What type of workouts are included?

The content library grows regularly. Anna offers total body workouts that are ALL (unless otherwise stated) prenatal and postnatal friendly (meaning modifications are offered allowing women to go at their own pace - since we are all different - and feel different on different days). Workouts are as little as 4 minutes and as long as 30 minutes.


Why are pelvic floor exercises included?

Do you want to be able to laugh, cough, sneeze, run, jump, and jog without worrying about leakage? An emphasis is placed on pelvic floor exercises which are especially important for long term health. Pregnancy and childbirth have lasting implications on our pelvic floor. Doctors recommend we 'check-in' with our pelvic floor and do exercises for it every single day (but so many of us forget)! Doing your kegels can also lead to more satisfying sex with your partner. Woooo!


What are women saying about Strong Sexy Mammas?

We have had some amazing reviews! Check out the TESTIMONIALS page.

Are the workouts high impact or low impact?

Both high and low impact exercises are included in the workouts. We know you can still get a great workout doing low impact workouts. We'll show you how! Besides, if anything is too much for you, simply march in place and pick back up with the next exercise.


Do I have to be a mom?

No! These workouts are for all women. We do pay special attention to problem areas moms complain about. Squishy tummy, sore lower back, tight chest, weak glutes, weak pelvic floor, etc.


What if my kids are older?


The Strong Sexy Mammas library contains workouts that involve the baby and many workouts that do not. Anna’s signature class is Kooiman Kardio. No babies allowed! It’s a mix of dancing, kickboxing, and athletic drills. Kooiman Kardio will scorch tons of calories and you won’t even realize you’re working out.  If you ever want to try a baby involved or baby carrier workout and you don’t have a baby or your baby is sleeping, you can simply use your bodyweight (or add in a hand weight) and still get a great burn.

Do I have to warm-up and cool down?

Strong Sexy Mammas always recommends preparing your body for exercise. Warming up and cooling down before diving into these workouts is always advised. We offer options to lead you through a Warm-Up and Cool Down in the Gold Membership area. You of course, can warm-up, cool down, and stretch on your own. But please please please make sure you make this a priority!

Are these workouts individualized?

No. These workouts are not individualized or prescriptive in nature. We always recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any exercise program. The same goes for including your baby in exercise. Make sure you talk to your medical carer.

How Did You Get the Name?

Anna came up with the name because both during pregnancy and now as a mom, there are definitely times when she does not feel sexy! She experienced a lot of morning sickness during the first trimester and felt like a milk machine during early breastfeeding. Can any of you relate!? Motherhood can be exhausting. The Strong Sexy Mammas name is about feeling comfortable in our new 'mom bods' and regaining confidence in this new identity we take on as mothers. Anna wants to be the fit girlfriend by your side, helping you get your groove back.


Why did Anna decide to launch Strong Sexy Mammas?

As mothers, we all know it can be tough to even make it to the gym. Anna realized how much her fitness needs had changed after becoming a mom. She was a marathon runner, triathlete, and fitness instructor, but knew she needed to slow down while pregnant and rehab following birth. After a couple months of motherhood Anna saw how nice it can be to bond with baby while exercising. Anna had an epiphany one day while Brooks was having 'tummy time' and she was doing her own pelvic floor and abdominal reconditioning exercises she'd been given by her women's physiotherapist. Working out and bonding with baby don't have to be separate events, they can be a beautiful combination. A combination often used by Anna while traveling. During her first year of motherhood, Anna traveled between Australia and the USA four different times for TV hosting jobs. On these trips Anna realized the plight of working-moms. Squeezing in a workout while also trying work to pay the bills aint easy! This is why Anna created Strong Sexy Mammas, at-home workouts.


Does Anna teach LIVE fitness classes?

Anna currently teaches classes at highly sought after boutique fitness studios in Bondi Beach (Australia’s fitness mecca and most iconic beach). Anna is a college athlete, marathon runner, and triathlete. She also continues to do a significant amount of TV freelancing both in the USA and Australia. But the thing she is most proud of, is being a mom!

Where can I find the free wellness and safety tips? How about the interviews with women/s health professionals?

Head to the Mamma Wellness Tips tab on the home page.

What if I don't want to receive emails anymore?

No worries at all. We hate to see you go, but if you wish to unsubscribe you may do so at the bottom of any of the emails.

How Do I End My Gold Membership?

End your membership subscription with us by canceling through the PayPal account you used to set it up.



Anna is a fitness professional, not a member of the medical community. These workouts are not individualized. Anna believes women ought to be learning more about postnatal fitness and uses her platform and journalism background to augment the research new moms should be doing on their own. Each woman is different. Each pregnancy is different. Each postnatal experience is different. This is why Anna recommends women take the extra time to check in with a doctor or women’s physiotherapist regularly when beginning and participating in fitness routines. It goes without saying, but Anna of course recommends following all instructions from the makers of your baby carrier and getting clearance from your child’s doctor before involving them in exercise.


Unlike some fitness celebrities, and social media fitness stars, Anna is not an advocate for rushing into hard core routines to get a bunch of likes on Instagram. Anna instead believes easing back into fitness, regularly checking in with medical experts, and finally, really turning up the dial once rehabbed and cleared by doctors. This is actually the way a lot of celebrities get their bodies back. Anna recommends new moms do more than the traditional 6 week postnatal doctor checkup. She believes they also ought to make at least one appointment with a women’s physiotherapist for extra guidance and rehab before starting any exercise program. Anna also believes if our society spoke more about pelvic floor and deep core health, women would be better served for long term health. 





















Information on this site is general in nature, not individualized. We are not medical professionals. Always consult with doctors before & during this (and all) wellness routines. To end Gold Membership use the PayPal account you used to set up the membership. To unsubscribe from emails, click unsubscribe at the bottom of an email. By engaging you agree to our terms of use, release of liability, vow you have been cleared by medical professionals for your level of participation, and understand there are risks of harm associated with this program and others like it. If in pain or concerned, stop immediately. Never put yourself or your children in compromising positions. Don't forget to have fun!


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