Posture Perfecting

Here's How Ya Do It

-Stand with feet shoulder distance apart. 

-Don't lock your knees. Keep them slightly bent.

-Keep your pelvis in a neutral position. Avoid tucking your hips under or sticking your booty out too far. 

-Roll your shoulders up back and down.

-Stand with your chest in a tall position.

-Lengthen through the top of your head.

-Your ears ought to be over the middle of your shoulders. 

-Breath deeply in and out.

Try This!

Why Posture Matters

Perfecting our posture is one of the best things we can do for ourselves as mothers. Think about how many awkward positions we put ourselves in from day one in the hospital. Whether we breast-feed or bottle-feed, we end up contorting ourselves into pretzels half the time to make sure our bub is getting nourished. As they get bigger, how about lifting our toddlers out of the carseat with an arm full of groceries? Or grabbing the massive stroller from the trunk of the car. Perfecting our posture and doing some exercises that really stretch and help us open our chest can be lifesavers.


Proper posture has an impact on correcting an issue the majority of moms face following childbirth - abs separation. Many new mammas don't even know they're struggling with it. Diastasis recti is the term used in the medical community. Abs separation can cause our back to ache and our belly to bulge. Proper posture helps initiate the healing process and draw everything back in line the way we want it.


I hope you're reminding yourself regularly to sit up straight. Every little bit counts. 

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