Pelvic Floor

Do you want to laugh, cough, sneeze, run, or jump without feeling worried you may leak? Pelvic floor exercises can help. So try not to neglect them. Kegels can often help improve the weakness we get from pregnancy and childbirth.


I'm going to challenge you. If you aren't doing them now... Now is the time to start. I'll bet you will notice a difference over time. And who knows. Your partner may notice a difference as well! Did you know a stronger pelvic floor can be associated with more pleasurable, sexual intimacy? They can make our orgasms stronger. Amazing!


Check out the interview on I did with a women's health physiotherapist. There is so much valuable information waiting for you!

So let's talk about that below the belt, taboo topic. It shouldn't be taboo! Our pelvic floor is something so often forgotten about in the fitness industry. If you're like me, you may not have paid much attention to your pelvic floor until getting pregnant or after giving birth. It is often a forgotten exercise. I imagine the reason a lot of folks don't pay attention to it is because we don't wear our pelvic floor on our sleeve! Ha! We notice a visible difference in our shoulders or legs if we work our deltoids or our quads. But who notices when we have been doing our kegels (pelvic floor exercises)?!

We only have one pelvic floor to help birth our little humans… only one pelvic floor to last our lifetimes… so I think we ought to give it the respect it deserves!


At the end of a lot of Strong Sexy Mammas workouts we spend a minute or so checking in with our pelvic floor. I realize this is not the usual practice for most fitness instructors. But I truly believe in the future, pelvic floor exercises in group exercise classes will be the norm. It should be!


Buy a GOLD MEMBERSHIP to listen to a chat I give about how to do keels (as recommended by medical experts). The GOLD MEMBERSHIP page also has twelve considerations to make when working our pelvic floor. is an amazing primary resource. The government organization highlights the importance of asking your health worker, nurse, physiotherapist or doctor for help if you:

• rush to get to the toilet to wee or poo
• have burning or stinging if you pass wee

• have to push to make the wee start
• can’t hold in wind

• experience pain, pressure, or bulging in vagina region.
• have discharge or smell from your vagina.

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