Abs - Flat Tummy - Core Stabilization

Doing sit-ups, planks, and crunches before we are ready can make our mummy tummy or mamma pooch worse!


We can cause increased risks of incontinence, back pain, or hernia.


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The information below is worth paying attention to. We can't figure out why more people aren't talking about this phenomenon.

Here at Strong Sexy Mammas we start (the way a lot of celebrities do) with our natural corset muscles (transverse abs) to zip our tummies flat and give us a solid foundation before layering on the obliques and rectus abs (6 pack muscles).


The first level of abs exercises fall into the stabilization category. If you're a new mamma, these exercises can often be added to the pelvic floor lifts and abdominal bracing exercises which are often recommended by doctors almost immediately after giving birth. 


Following your 6-8 week check (if you're cleared) consider beginning the exercises under the ABS - FLAT TUMMY - CORE FOUNDATIONS page under the Gold Membership. We want to get the whole core, including the diaphragm, pelvic floor, and transverse abdominals working correctly. The exercises under this section work your deep core muscles. These can help you heal from the inside out and flatten your tummy!  


It's important to master these types of stability exercises before starting to do power moves or loading with weight. Building a foundation is key.

Hi Ladies! Anna here. The first picture was taken when I was 7 months pregnant.... before I got really big! LOL The second picture was taken when my son was 7 months old. I have had incredible success with the exercises demonstrated here. SIGN-UP to try the same workouts I used right after Brooks was born.

The foundation of a strong, healthy core starts with our deep core stabilizing muscles. If we do improper abs exercises we can actually end up with more of belly rather than less! It's not just a cosmetic issue though, it's also a function issue. A strong core can help alleviate back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. Check out the interview clips I’ve done on AnnaKooiman.com with a highly regarded women’s physiotherapist about this phenomenon.


Our TVA or transverse abdominis muscles are our natural corset muscles that can help zip our tummies in. It can be tough to activate these muscles but the exercises on this Gold Members Only page can help. We should work our TVA before starting on the famous six-pack abs (even though those are the ones that typically steal the show!).


Experts recommend new moms focus on abdominal contraction, spinal stability, posture, pelvic floor activation, diaphragm function, and deep breathing (which can aid abdominal stabilization and stress relief). Our deep core and pelvic floor work together. It’s good to activate them to improve both the way we function and the way we look. Reconditioning the obliques and rectus abdominis will come after the TVA.


It’s important to be under the supervision of a medical expert because many moms experience abs separation (diastasis recti) which ought to be addressed. It can lead to back pain or hernia. Also, the relaxin hormone (which leaves everything stretchy) can stick around in postpartum women for awhile, so be sure not to over-stretch when exercising.


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