Baby Carrier Workouts

Baby Carrier Workouts are typically 15 minutes or less. Baby wearing is a great way to bond with your little one! 


Baby Carrier Workouts can be done without the baby as well. Your bodyweight alone can still give a great burn. Some women may want to start off without the baby (until gaining a bit more strength). Others may prefer adding hand weights to increase the intensity.

Special attention is paid to specific problem areas for mammas. Pregnancy, early motherhood, and running after children can leave us with unique needs. Have a sore lower back? Squishy tummy? Mood swings? Weak shoulders? Tight chest or upper back? Take action! 

Be sure to follow ACOG guidelines. Focus on good posture and pelvic floor lifts. You also want to activate your deep core stabilizing muscles (TVA - transverse abs) throughout these workouts by drawing your belly button toward your spine.

When participating in these online group classes, Strong Sexy Mammas recommends also choosing a Warm-Up and Cool Down from that portion of the GOLD MEMBERSHIP site. This is a great way to get oxygen flowing throughout the body, prepare the body for exercise, and get in a nice stretch before and after strapping on your bub!


Also check out Anna's abs exercises (Deep Core Stabilization) to give yourself a steady foundation.

Make sure your doctor is okay with involving your baby in your exercise routine (and using the baby carrier). Include these safety considerations in your consultation. Also be sure to thoroughly check the Baby Wearing International website. We are in no way affiliated with them but it is an amazing resource for you!

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